Ancat makes School visits Print

Ancat's education officer Shanta Brown delivered the environmental message to Fresh Creek Primary and Bowen Sound Primary. For ten weeks the children of grade 5 were educated once a week by Ms. Brown about the importance of the mangroves to our way of life.

Using fascinating power point presentations the children learnt all about the roles our mangroves play to maintain a healthier marine environment. They were taught about the threats to the mangroves, the ways that we can make a difference to their productivity and the animals who call the mangroves home.

The children of both schools adopted a piece of mangrove forest, which they cleaned up then monitored over the next ten weeks, noting the marine and bird life they saw. The children viewed educational presentations, read specially made children’s newsletters, produced art work and conducted experiments all designed to increase their environmental awareness.

This work was supported by the generous help of the Lyford Cay Foundation, our heartfelt thanks goes out to them.