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One uniquely Ancat solution to a serious global problem

Andros is blessed with dark night skies, the starlight is strong and constellations can be easily identified because our nights are not disturbed by the powerful glare of city lights. But inside the homes, power cuts often lead our residents to a dangerously dark world, and the threats associated with a long term loss of power due to increased storm activity and high tides could be devastating. Add to this the threat that CO2 carbon dioxide poses to the coral reef (Andros has the third largest coral reef in the world) and we begin to see this makes a serious problem which needs a solution. Using an opportunity made available by Caribsave, Ancat developed the ‘Light our darkest night’ project to help the residents of the Fresh Creek District equip themselves for power cuts and at the same time to lessen the carbon footprint of our coastal community.

Through the project Ancat is introducing local residents to the realities of solar power by providing an affordable solar light system. Greenlight Planet’s Sun King™ Home is a smart solar-powered lamp system designed to provide light in more than one place at a time. The kit comes with two hanging solar lamps with individual switches to control the intensity of light, one portable light, and a power pack with the ability to charge cell phones. It is easy to install. A solar panel is attached to the sunniest part of the roof to collect the sun’s energy which is stored in the control panel placed inside the home, the lights are attached to the panel with wires. Using new technology we are turning island homes into smart homes with these solar powered lights. So light up your house with solar power and say goodbye to darkness. Apply to the Ancat office to see if you are eligible for a free or reduced price solar light kit. Only available to households between Andros Town and Staniard Creek. (Please note conditions apply) Solar power is free power from the sun, its clean, reliable during storms, does not pollute the environment and reduces the carbon footprint of an Andros coastal community.



Grants received in 2015 from :
Eco Ed Foundation, Tucker Foundation, Caribsave, Paradise Children’s Fund, Moore Bahamas Foundation, Lyford Cay Foundation, Scotia Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Cable Bahamas Cares Foundation and Idea Wild.

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