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Andros is a fascinating place to visit and learn about. Ancat has been working to provide tours of the island which can be booked through our office by calling 1 242 3682882 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

1. Andros Town Lighthouse, beach and Androsia.

2 hours, 2 miles walking.

Learn about the history of Andros Town from the heady days of the development of a hotel which was the number one destination in the Caribbean, to the story of the haunted Lighthouse, wrecked mail boats and the curse of the dead. View the beauty of the deserted beach and walk the leafy paths to theAndrosia factory where you will learn about the process of batik and view the vibrant colours of the fabric as it is made.


2. Captain Bill’s Blue Hole, Love Hill beach and lunch at Taste and See.

4 hours, 4 miles walking, 10 miles roundtrip in a vehicle

A 5 mile ride to the Blue Hole National Forest is followed by a 2 mile walk through the forest, listening for the woodland birds, then a visit to the spectacular Captain Bill’s Blue Hole for a delicious refreshing swim in the fresh water hole. You will be able to find out how blue holes were formed and learn about the forest and its inhabitants.

This is followed by a stop at the Love Hill beach, and a chance to enjoy the local food at Taste and See Restaurant. Menu supplied on request.


3. Maidenhair Coppice, Cousteau’s Blue Hole and Blue Hole National Forest

5 hours, 5-6 miles walking, 20 miles roundtrip in a vehicle

Travel 10 miles by jeep to Maidenhair Coppice, here you will be able to see mahogany, horseflesh, and wild orchids and bromeliads while you walk through the coppice.

Then walk 2.5 miles to Cousteau’s Blue Hole, this interesting blue hole was first discovered by Jacques Cousteau in 1971 and it was here that he established a link between the blue holes on the island and the Tongue of the Ocean. Enjoy a plunge into the clear fresh water before walking back through the forest.


4. Gobi Lake

5 hours, 5-6 miles walking, 20 miles roundtrip in a vehicle.

Travel 10 miles from the Andros Town dock to the farm T junction. Walk through the National Park for 2.5 miles through an area known as the Valley of the giants, where uncut pine trees still stand and then through an old stand blackland coppice to Gobi Lake. This lake of 4 miles long is considered to be one of the largest fresh water lakes in the Bahamas.


5. Snorkeling on the Andros Barrier Reef

2 hours

Meet your boat captain at the Andros Town dock and travel for 10 minutes to the Southern Marine Park. Here you will be able to snorkel on a shallow reef and enjoy the thrill of seeing at depths of 15 to 20 feet (4.5 to 6 metres). You'll be able to see corals like Elkhorn and staghorn coral - which typically come very close to the surface at low tide - spreading out to catch the sunlight. It's likely you'll see juvenile and intermediate phase fish life on the shallow reef.

The colours of the corals and fish life are exceptionally vivid on the shallow reef, because sunlight penetrates our clear waters with the most intensity at these depths. Shallow reefs are ideal for photographers, new divers, and snorkelers.

Many of the shallow reef sites are on the reef crest, the shallowest point on the barrier reef. Waves break on the crest and the many organisms that live here have adapted to the constant surge and warmer waters. Some shallow reefs are fore reefs, where the reef crest meets the lagoon on the other side. This is an environment for juvenile reef fishes which have graduated from the nursery.


6. Scuba Diving on the Andros Barrier Reef.

3 hours, 6 miles roundtrip from Andros Town dock.

Travel 3 miles to Small Hope Bay Lodge to check in at their dock for your amazing scuba dive to the Andros Barrier Reef. Please note all divers must have c cards and do a simple check out at the dock before heading out on the boat to the reef. Small Hope Bay Lodge is the oldest dive resort in the Bahamas, and specializes on dives from 30 to 185 feet over the wall. No one knows these waters better than the Small Hope team and a great dive on the world’s third longest coral reef is assured.

Small Hope has all equipment for rent.


7. Fresh Creek waterways tour

2.5 hours

Meet your guide at the Fresh Creek dock and travel by BOAT into the interior of Andros through the water ways of Fresh Creek. See this mysterious island from a boat. Visit a fresh water blue hole and take a swim, see nesting blue herons with their young, hunt for an Andros Iguana and the wild dolphins, visit the mangroves and witness all the juvenile fishes that live in there.


8. Bone fishing in Fresh Creek

3 hours

At the Andros Town dock meet your bone fishing guide and travel to the flats of Andros and spend a magical half a day fly fishing for bonefish. $300 for two persons.

Andros island tours can be booked through our office by calling 1 242 3682882 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

All prices will be given on request.



Grants received in 2015 from :
Eco Ed Foundation, Tucker Foundation, Caribsave, Paradise Children’s Fund, Moore Bahamas Foundation, Lyford Cay Foundation, Scotia Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Cable Bahamas Cares Foundation and Idea Wild.

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