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Bahama oriole by Mike BaltzRoseate Spoonbill







Andros has most of the resident Bahama birds and also is an excellent location for observing migrants.

There are three species of birds which are endemic to The Bahamas. They are the Bahamas Woodstar Humming Bird, the Bahamas yellow throat warbler and the Bahamas swallow.

Cuban Emarald Hummingbird by Mike Baltz There are many birds that rely on The Bahamas during their annual migration for a well deserved rest and to feed and refuel before moving on. Some use our unspoiled environment as their winter homes.

Piping Plover Cargill Creek The Kirtland Warbler, which is endangered, can be found in The Bahamas from August to May, frequently in short bush vegetation. Many species of Terns and sand pipers use our isolated cays and islands for nesting. Another endangered species which finds a winter home on the beaches of Andros is the Piping Plover.

The West Indian Whistling duck and the white cheeked Pintail are ducks which are considered endangered. They can both be found on Andros, as well as the Caribbean Flamingo which is also protected by law and has been chosen as the national bird of The Bahamas.

Andros is famous for the Chickcharnie, a creature reputed to have feathers, bright red eyes and three toes on each foot. An extinct flightless Barn Owl is one possible source of the myth. Bones of this huge bird have been found as subfossils in the Bahamas, indicating that the bird may have been living when the Lucayans arrived on these shores in about 800 AD.

Today, birds are competing for space with people. Poorly planned development causes deforestation, filling in wetlands and changes in the coast line which destroy the natural habitat and feeding grounds of birds are all problems that we face. The introduction of invasive species and predation are also having a disastrous impact on birds.

Andros with its miles of untouched and pristine wilderness is a perfect place for birds to live and thrive unhindered by man’s intentions. Help us to protect the birds of Andros by making a donation to ANCAT and enabling us to develop and implement our education programme.

Yellow Crowned Night Heron by Mike BaltzTri Coloured Heron by Mike BaltzAndros Owl by Rivean Riley












Photos donated by Dr. M Baltz TNC and Rivean Riley BNT





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