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Blue holes are entrances into the world’s most spectacular underwater cave systems, this pristine world with a unique environment and ecosystem holds the details of about 100,000,000 years of history.

Their openings are among the shallow creeks, inland lakes and the shallow banks of the Bahamas. The caves which have developed within the Bahamian carbonate platforms can be laterally and vertically very extensive. Lateral cave passages can extend to several kilometers and vertically blue holes may range in depth from ten to several hundred meters.

Many caves were discovered during the past 30 years and about 90% of all the caves are still virgin territory. Studies by the Blue Hole Foundation have yielded vital information on the past world climates, on geological and hydrological relationships within limestone banks and on structure and speciation of living organisms, underground water resources and pollution control.

The Bahamas Islands are perfectly situated as natural laboratories because they are for the most part, still pristine. Pristine areas are rare and when discovered offer a unique view into the natural undisturbed surroundings for studies in environmental science.

For many years, ideas about the origin of the blue holes have been mixed with local superstition and myth. Blue holes are sometimes referred to by native Androsians as ‘blowing’ or ‘boiling’ holes, a phenomenon supposedly created by a mythical creature called the ‘lusca’ a beast which is half squid and half shark. The ‘blowing’ and ‘sucking’ phenomena are largely caused by differences in water surface elevation across the Bahamian platform generated by tides, local wave action, and ocean currents.

Thanks to the Blue Holes Foundation and especially to Stephanie Schwabe for all the above information.





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